what we can do for you

...anything - within the confines of decency and legality and for the right price!

We can

  • Organise a special birthday meal for you at a good restaurant with balloons, decorations etc.
  • Organise a birthday cake to be at a restaurant of your choice
  • If you want to leave your car somewhere and get a taxi back we will either collect your car or drive you back to collect it the following morning
  • Do your laundry for you
  • Arrange for someone to cook your BBQ for you
  • Arrange for a couple of girls to come in and wash up and clean after your special party
  • Organise a gastronomic dinner in the comfort of the villa
  • Have a hot meal waiting for you on your arrival
  • Do your shopping
  • Arrange a special night of Fado singing at the villa
  • Arrange a jazz duo to play to you at your BBQ or special dinner
  • Book you an appointment at the hairdresser/beautician/dentist
  • Organise a beautiful bouquet of flowers to be at a restaurant for your partner/Mum/sister/daughter to wow them on a special occasion
  • Get lobster, oysters, langoustines for a shellfish bonanza in the comfort of the villa
  • Print your boarding passes or anything else
  • Arrange a guided tour of the area
  • Arrange a day out with Kayaking and lunch by the lake
  • ...anything else you want that we haven't thought of!
  • But we can also leave you totally alone, to enjoy the tranquility of Santa Rita and the luxury of the villa!


Could there be anywhere more exclusive to hold your special event than our private luxury villa?

Whether it's a dinner party for 20, a themed birthday party or a symbolic wedding celebration* for 50 – we can organise it all.

We have developed a tried and tested formula to ensure that you enjoy your event to the maximum and that the party will run smoothly and trouble-free.

We have many reliable contacts who will cater to all your needs – whether you want a sumptuous feast at the villa, amazing photography, flowers, cakes, gifts for your guests, a hog roast, a themed Hawaiian party….we can source it all.

Event management is my passion and in my previous existence working for an investment bank, I organised a 7 course Chinese banquet for 700 top executives with entertainment, to celebrate the Hong Kong handover so I have been tested to the full!

*You could have a symbolic wedding to either renew your vows or hold a romantic ceremony to celebrate your wedding in Portugal. The format is exactly the same as in the UK with rings, bridesmaids, vows etc. but it is not legally binding. The beauty of this is that you don’t require any paperwork and it will be a lot cheaper than celebrating in the UK.